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Happy Birthday to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter! (9.4.81)

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Dear Roleplay world, 
It has come to my attention yet again that a certain roleplay is once again causing grief and harm in the RP community. There is no excuse for holding petty grudges when it doesn’t even involve the person you are taking it out on. 

My good friend (who will remain nameless) joined this RP, expecting a fun experience. Yet, only mere hours after joining she was told to leave, just because she had an association with another RP. 


This is a screen cap of the conversation where she was kicked out. 

What is best for this rp? You’re kidding right? Kicking people out because you can’t build a bridge and get over it more like it. 
How pathetic does one person have to be to ruin an RP experience for someone? 

Apparently, very. 

Last I checked it was not a crime to be in more than one RP. Let alone two very different rps? 

How sad.

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✿Under the cut you will find a guide on how to portray the valedictorian. I’ve separated it in categories between personality, and actions. If you have any questions let me know! Likes/reblogs are very much appreciated. I tried my best! I know this is very short! ✿

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character psd "jennifer" // sydneyofrps
  • Please don’t steal anything from the PSD.
  • Please don’t claim it as your own.
  • Please don’t create one from scratch yet copy it. That’s still stealing.
  • Please don’t rearrange the PSD and redistribute it. It’ll be obvious.
  • Just please don’t use anything this PSD in rebloggable stuff. This is for your bios for your roleplay, or anything else for personal use, only.
  • I’m saying please.
  • Fonts are Violation and
  • Gradient, by normaniofrp, can be found here.
  • Textures are from deviantart! I don’t have the link(s) unfortunately, sorry.
Hey, so this is a new character PSD - it’s pretty simple; you just need to use some clipping mask for the gifs. However if any questions or complications, message me! Download here and here.

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  • Queenrps requested a tutorial on how to save all the gifs in a readmore gifhunt.

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Under the cut are underused, interesting personalities/backstories for female characters- all written by yours truly.

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A$AP Rocky & his little brothers